About Us

Since 2010 Wudtone has become the UK’s leading manufacturer of parts for guitars. Alongside this we are able to enjoy the activity of Mountain Bike Riding in Wentwood, South Wales. In these areas of technical, often slippy conditions, gear needs to be able to take some punishment especially with the added capability, speed of modern e-bikes. Supplied mounts for Bosch KIOX display systems all broke. The risk of the expensive KIOX displays becoming lost or damaged, always present.  

So we designed, engineered something different, better.


A Bosch Kiox display mount that :

  • Is easy to fit

  • Mounts the KIOX display in the most protected position possible when riding 

  • Is unbreakable and guaranteed for life


These benefits give any rider confidence to push their skills and limits, indeed progress to enjoy the sport of Mountain Bike Riding to the full. Friends wanted the same, the word got out, demand grew, so GNARLY BITZ became a thing! Thank you in advance for choosing our mount design. Enjoy a lifetime of more riding confidence!