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Gnarly Bitz Bosch Kiox 300 Mount



Fits Mondraker, indeed any ebike with 1 1/8 inch steering tube and stem washer under handlebars.

Places the Kiox 300 display in a protected position on an easy to fit mount.

pre requisite –  BOSCH Front Cable Output Display Kiox 300 Interface 

This version is for KIOX 300 headunits, click here for pre 300 KIOX head unit.  

Manufactured out of Delrin so much stronger more durable than digitally printed options.  
Indestructible and with lifetime guarantee. 
Easy to fit in place of any steering tube washer under the stem (same thickness and internal diameter) . 
Please do not hesitate to contact Andy Preston via 07733264984 if you have any questions or dealer enquiries. 
A reposition of the Kiox unit just behind the stem also helps to support central placement of lights in front of the handle bars for a neat, durable, night ride solution. 
kind regards